看美剧学英文《绝望主妇》剧情超好看, 常用口语表达, 短语总结 | 第一季第5集

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  • ultimatum 最后通牒
  • bizarre 奇怪的,古怪的
  • for that matter 就此而言
  • News that an intruder has breached the security of Wisteria Lane spread like wildfire. 有人闯入紫藤巷的消息不胫而走。intruder: 闯入者  breach:破坏
  • voice their concerns 说出他们的担忧
  • A government agency was listening in on their phone conversations. 一个政府机构在监听他们的电话。 listen in: 偷听,监听
  • Helen spoke of a ruthless local teenage gang that had egged her minivan. 海伦说起当地一个冷酷的少年团伙用鸡蛋砸她的小货车。
  • You can sign up for either daily or nightly patrols. 你可以报名参加每日或夜间巡逻。patrol: 巡逻
  • That might seem like overkill. 看起来有点反应过激。过分行为,过犹不及
  • I guarantee regular surveillance will deter even the most determined criminal. 我保证定期监视会阻止即使是最顽固的罪犯。surveillance: 监视,监察  deter: 使打消念头,防止
  • So you think it should be dusted for prints? 所以你觉得应该去采集指纹吗? dust for fingerprints: 采集指纹
  • be an item: If two people are an item, they are having a romantic relationship.
  • As the residents began to patrol Wisteria Lane, in the hope of foiling potential burglars. 居民们开始在紫藤巷巡逻,希望能阻止潜在的窃贼。 foil: 阻止,挫败
  • Gabrielle was about to experience a home invasion of her own.加布里尔正面临一起家人的入侵。invasion:入侵,涌入
  • We have some yachting enthusiasts here. 我们这里有一些游艇爱好者。
  • We decided to enroll your children. 我们决定录取你的孩子们。
  • identical twins 同卵双胞胎  fraternal twins:异卵双胞胎
  • You can't tell them apart. 你分辨不清他们。
  • We do strive for diversity. 我们一向追求多元化。strive:努力,力争
  • They bark and growl at each other. 他们互相咆哮。
  • It could be a sexual predator. 他可能是强*犯。
  • an interesting line of work. 有趣的职业。a line of work (idiom): Someone's line of work is their area of work or way of making or earning a living. Someone's line of work usually refers to the industry that they work in. 工作,职业
  • Apparently, there is a hostage situation. 显然,这里发生了人质劫持事件。
  • So you're really turning me down. Boy, my self-esteem can't take this. 所以你真的是在拒绝我。天啊,我的自尊承受不了。
  • My ability to help those hostages just has been compromised. 我帮助人质的能力被削弱了。compromise: 妥协
  • I feel her drifting further and further away. 我觉得她离我越来越远。
  • So you think she is cheating on you? 所以你觉得她劈腿了?
  • I have that feeling with your father and that whore waitress. 我对你父亲和那个贱人服务员也有这种感觉。
  • Lynette hatched a plan to break in her children into Barcliff Academy. 勒奈特制定了计划让她的孩子们顺利进入巴克利夫学院
  • Are your boys usually so docile? 你的孩子们平时都这么听话吗? docile: 听话的,容易控制的,温顺的
  • I wanna make some tamales for Carlos. 我想给卡洛斯做些玉米粉蒸肉。tamales:(墨西哥)玉米粉蒸肉
  • I'm going to the lingerie store. 我要去内衣店。lingerie: 女用贴身内衣裤
  • This place is just immaculate. 这地方太干净了。immaculate: 完美的;洁净的;无瑕疵的
  • What happened to your varnish? 你的清漆怎么了? varnish: 亮光漆,清漆;虚饰;光泽面
  • I like my life a lot, it's very fulfilling. 我非常喜欢我的生活,它很充实。
  • So he just blew you off? 所以他没管你? blow sth/sb off: to treat something or someone as if that thing or person were not important.
  • Did you bat your eyes? 你抛媚眼了吗?
  • I batted everything that wasn't nailed down。 我把能抛的都抛了。
  • You think Mike is a Karl in disguise? 你觉得迈克本质和卡尔是一样的吗?
  • If I wanted to sit around and wait for nothing, I can sit on the can. 如果我想无所事事地坐着,我可以坐在马桶上。sit on the can: in US speech, means to sit on the toilet and simply do nothing.
  • I gonna pull up stakes before they come looking for me. 在他们来找我之前,我得赶紧撤了。pull up stakes: to take all the things that you own and go and live in a different place 搬家
  • Pisses me off. 气死我了
  • If your cover is blown, you disappear. 如果你身份暴露了,你就消失。blow someone's cover:  means to cause their true identity or the true nature of their work to be revealed.
  • I had to use a month's worth of lunch money to pay for that room. 我不得不用一个月的午餐钱来付那间房的房租。a month's worth/a day's worth: a month's worth of lunch money or a day's worth of study. 是一个月的午餐钱/ 一天的学习。
  • She is watching her Mexican soap opera. 她正在看她的墨西哥肥皂剧。
  • The rebel's virgin daughter is about to be seduced by the escaped desperado. 叛逆者的黄花闺女即将被逃跑的亡命之徒勾引。desperado:亡命之徒,暴徒
  • I've turned down half of the pep squad for you. 我为你拒绝了半个啦啦队的人。pep squad: 啦啦队
  • I've never had plum pudding before. 我以前从来没有吃过梅子布丁。Plum juice:酸梅汁。syrup of Plum:酸梅汤
  • We were all singing carols and the dog was howling because everybody sings off-key except for me. 我们都在唱圣诞颂歌,狗在嚎叫,因为除了我每个人都唱跑调。
  • Anyway, it was a terrible ruckus. 总之,大家都闹腾的不行。ruckus:骚动;喧闹
  • The next thing we heard was brakes screeching. 接下来我们听到的是刺耳的刹车声。
  • So I got a hose and I washed it off. 所以我拿了根水管把它冲掉了。
  • I'm going to make roast turkey, candy yams and eggnog. 我要做烤火鸡,糖果山药和蛋酒。
  • It has quite a kick. 它相当不错。
  • You are in a rut. 你太老土了。rut:车辙,凹痕;老一套,惯例,刻板乏味的生活。in a rut: living or working in a situation that never changes, so that you feel bored.
  • We need to spice up your wardrobe. 我们得给你的衣柜增添点色彩。
  • Yes, it's form-fitting. 是的,它是紧身的。
  • Get your hands off me. 别碰我。
  • I was just about to grab dinner from that motel vending machine and it occurred to me "What the heck, I'll go out." 我正准备去汽车旅馆的自动售货机买晚餐突然想到"管他呢,我要出去吃"。
  • We'll have an impromptu holiday dinner. 我们会有一顿即兴的假日晚餐。impromptu: 即兴的
  • Two DUIs, one check-kiting and an open bench warrant. 两起酒后驾车,一次开空头支票,还有一份待定的法庭搜查令。DUI: driving under the influence 酒醉驾车;open bench warrant:公开通缉令
  • You've been a good sport coming along my shift with me. 你很不错,陪我一起来值班。be a good sport (idiom): To be good-natured or amiable despite unpleasant circumstances. In this usage, "good" is usually used between "a" and "sport." e.g., I know you're disappointed to have lost the game, but try to be a good sport, OK? 
  • Time flies when you are on a stakeout in crackdown.
  • You read up on homeschooling? 你在研究家庭教育吗? read up:攻读,研读
  • You tossed out that sacrifice comment a while ago. 你之前说要(为孩子)牺牲。toss out: to mention (something) as a possible thing to be done, thought about, etc. to suggest
  • How can we gonna scrape together 15 grand for this endowment? 我们怎么才能凑齐这一万五呢? scrape together: 东拼西凑; endowment:(给院校、医院等的)捐款,资助.
  • I thought we were clicking. 我以为我们心有灵犀(合拍)。
  • Why do I always pick the psychos? 为什么我总是遇到神经病?
  • Let me get this straight. 让我把话说清楚;让我直奔正题。
  • He chopped down one of our pine trees? 他砍倒了我们的一棵松树?\
  • Take off those handcuffs, please. 请把手铐解开。
  • He confessed to breaking in. 他承认了自己破门而入。
  • This is not up for discussion. 这没有商量的余地。 up for discussion (idiom): A topic that is not settled and is debatable
  • in his infinite wisdom. 在他无限的智慧中。
  • Something inside me snapped. 我的内心幡然醒悟。
  • God gives you the tools for your salvation. 神会给你救赎的方法。salvation:救赎、拯救。
  • This is insane. 这太疯狂了。
  • People by their very nature are always on the lookout for intruders. 人的天性总是在警惕入侵者。be on the lookout for(idiom): to watch or search for (something or someone),be alert to.
  • But there will always be those who force their way into our lives. 但总会有一些人强行闯入我们的生活。force one's way (idiom): to move ahead by pushing and making people move out of one's way.


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